Pearl Diver

Navigate the number line while diving among shipwrecks and sunken ruins. Will you find a pearl, or an old boot? Watch out for the electric eel! Pearl Diver teaches properties of numbers, how to plot numbers, how to visualize quantity on the number line, how to order numbers, and how to use the number line as a visual model for mathematical operations.

Pearl Diver Overview

Pearl Diver screenshot explaining how to dive by clicking the target location

In Pearl Diver, the player must dive at the value indicated on the number line to reach the pearl. In this case the player must dive at 3 to successfully retrieve the pearl.

Pearl Diver screenshot showing that the player must collect pearls before time runs out

In order to move on to the next level in Pearl Diver, the player must collect at least 4 pearls. It is recommended to collect as many pearls as possible to earn more points.

Pearl Diver screenshot warning not to dive when an eel is below you

Never dive for a pearl when there is an eel beneath you. Touching any part of the eel when diving or coming back up will electrocute you and cause the player to loose a life. Avoid eels at all costs.

Pearl Diver screenshot of a level summary

After completing each level in Pearl Diver, the player will see this screen. This image shows the player their score bonus points, number of lives left and the number of pearls collected. Remember that the more pearls collected means that the player dove at the correct number on the number line.

Pearl Diver screenshot showing the character about to dive at the incorrect number

In Pearl Diver, the player must dive at the correct number on the number line. In this case the number is one, and as in most of the game only some of the values on the number line are shown. The player has be to able to look at the number line and know where the target number is.