Terraform planets by adding gorgeous plants, animals, fungi and minerals, each representing a unique mathematical expression.

Agrinautica is designed for 4th and 5th graders learning mathematical expression-building and order of operations, important pre-algebra skills.

Agrinautica Overview

Agrinautica screenshot of a plant ready to be dragged into the garden

Visual feedback in the game helps players manipulate expressions properly, using order of operations.

Agrinautica screenshot of the message when you get a weed

Expressions that do not create a target number create a “weed.”

Agrinautica screenshot showing different save slots

Each player's Agrinautica world is unique, with six planets available to be terraformed.

Agrinautica screenshot showing number changer

If players are stumped, the game gives them new randomized numbers.

Agrinautica screenshot showing the Field Guide

Information about each plant, rock, fungus, animal, crystal, or artifact appears in a Field Guide that helps the player understand the expression that created it.