Curse Reverse

Tomb raiders have stolen prized treasures from various locations, instilling a curse. The player is charged with returning the treasure in the least number of moves to advance levels and collect all three stars.

Curse Reverse is designed for middle schoolers learning algebraic expression building.

Curse Reverse Overview

Curse Reverse screenshot showing greedy explorers stealing ancient treasures.

The goal of Curse Reverse is to return stolen treasures to lift a curse that has befallen the world.

Curse Reverse screenshot of a map showing the locations of ancient ruins.

Players travel to various locations where the task of returning stolen treasures becomes increasingly more challenging

Curse Reverse screenshot showing the different rooms within a single location.

In each location, the player navigates different rooms to return stolen treasures.

Curse Reverse screenshot showing how to adjust the height of pillars by toggling a sliding bar.

Arrow keys on the computer keyboard move the explorer. Players use the mouse or trackpad to change the height of the pillars.

Curse Reverse screenshot showing how to adjust the height of the pillars by changing integers in an algebraic expression.

As players progresses to more advanced locations, they change pillar heights by formulating basic algebraic expressions.

Curse Reverse screenshot showing a star chart after completing a room.

Players earn up to three stars once a site’s stolen treasures have been returned. One star indicates that the main treasure was returned; two stars marks the return of all bonus treasures; three stars are awarded if all the treasure is returned in 5 moves or fewer.