Creature Caverns

Come and explore the fundamentals of graphing on the coordinate plane. There are interesting creatures lurking in the dark!

Creature Caverns is designed for middle schoolers learning about plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.

Creature Caverns Overview

Creature Caverns screenshot of cave level screen with Example Cave selected.

To begin, the player must choose a cave in which their creature will be housed.

Creature Caverns screenshot of building new creature with coordinates and coordinate grid.

The goal of Creature Caverns is to create unique creatures by plotting numerical points on the coordinate grid.

Creature Caverns screenshot with new creature.

Explore the relationship of the creature’s physical characteristics by changing the x and y values.

Creature Caverns screenshot of instructions

Build an ordered pair to represent the numbers of eyes, horns, or brains.

Creature Caverns screenshot of advanced creature with multiple eyes, horns, brains, limbs and fingers.

As the player advances, the number of creature characteristics increases as well.