Ratio Rumble

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility for educational games is a work in progress across the industry. We continually seek solutions to make our products fully accessible, and we strive to adhere to established standards for accessibility and usability on each new project. Some of our older products may not be accessible in all areas and have not been optimized for current accessibility recommendations. Here, we offer the content and approach of this game, so that learners are better able to find alternative content and ways of learning.

Content of the game

Ratio Rumble presents a fun and unique way of learning ratios through color matching gameplay mechanics. After selecting one of eighteen characters, the player learns how to use the red, blue, and green potions in battle. To be victorious, the player must draw upon their understanding of ratios to concoct the desired magic potion.


Approach & Input devices
On the web version of this game, gameplay is controlled by mouse or trackpad. On iOS, gameplay is controlled by tapping and dragging items on the screen.
Ambient noise is used and can be turned on/off via on-screen controls; however, the game can be completed without sound.
Color blindness
Text and graphics required to understand gameplay have appropriate contrast against adjacent colors. Potions (graphic elements) are distinguished by shape as well as color.
Visual Aspects
Zooming options are present during gameplay. In the web version, the font color, type, and size cannot be adjusted.
Cognitive Aspects
This game does not include a practice mode; however, it does include practice screens at key points during the game to allow the player to familiarize themselves with each new concept.
On desktops and laptops, this game is only playable on platforms that support Adobe Flash, which may no longer be supported by browsers beginning in 2020. However, the game is available free at the Apple App Store for iOS.
This game is accessible in both English and Spanish.
Fine Motor Skills
Ratio Rumble is somewhat reliant upon clicking and dragging precision. The player is not under any timing constraints.
Letterboxed subtitles are present. Audio cues are accompanied by visual cues.